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Managing developers and groups

The Manage Developers view includes the nested Developer View and the Group View, and enables you to manage developer account details, content allocation, and developer groups.

The Developer View

This is the default view and primary area for managing developers. You can list all developers associated with you or search for a subset of developers. Additionally, you can select one or more developers and perform a number of administrative actions for each. Some of the functionality available to you in this view includes creating new developer accounts, allocating content to developers, and editing, deleting, or transferring ownership of existing accounts.

The Group View

You can group developers to help organize them for administrative tasks. This view lists the name, description, and number of members in a particular group, and also enables you to edit and delete groups if necessary.

Dynamic groups are also included for each administrator under your control. These groups cannot be deleted and are updated automatically when administrators create, delete or transfer developers. 

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