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Viewing summary reports

The Dashboard view is the default view of the Reports tab and displays a number of summary reports in chart and gauge format. You can customize this view according to your needs, so that it displays only relevant reports.

Reports by role

The executive role has access to the following nine report types:

The administrator role has access to the following six report types:

The coordinator role has access to all twelve report types.

Note: To view a short description of a particular report, you can hover your mouse pointer over the report's information icon.

Changing the report display

To personalize the report types displayed in your Dashboard view:

  1. Click Show Control Panel at the left side of the browser window to display the Control Panel, which lists all available reports.

    Summary reports view

  2. Select or deselect the checkbox beside the reports as appropriate. To view a short description of a report type, you can hover your mouse pointer over the report name.

  3. Refresh the Summary view by clicking the Refresh Report View button to display the selected reports.

  4. To hide the control panel, click Hide Control Panel at the top of the Control Panel pane.

Note: You can view detailed information on several summary reports by clicking the Details link under the chart display.

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