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Subscribing to a report

You can create a subscription for a particular report to be sent to you by e-mail on a regular basis. Additionally, using this feature, you can automate the delivery of reports to multiple e-mail addresses to ensure that all interested parties automatically receive any relevant reports.

To set up a report subscription:

  1. Click the Subscribe button in the report’s parameters window in the Detailed Reports view. The Subscribe to Report window appears beneath the report details.

    Subscribe to report window

  2. Enter a name for the subscription in the Subscription name text box.

  3. If you would like to include other recipients apart from yourself, enter their e-mail address in the Recipients text box.

  4. Select a file format from the Format drop-down list.

  5. Choose how often you would like to receive an e-mail with the specified report from the Week Day, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly options.

  6. Click the OK button to save the subscription, or to return to the parameter selection stage to modify your report parameters, click the Cancel button.

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