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Interacting with your Personal Tutor

If you encounter any difficulty when attempting to complete a task or stage, you can send a message to your Personal Tutor for assistance. To ask your Personal Tutor to assist you with a task or stage, the selected Developer Program must be in challenge mode.

Sending a query

To send a query to your Personal Tutor:

  1. In the Personal Tutor tab, enter your query in the form provided in the Compose tabbed page.
    Send details
  2. Click the Submit Query button to send your query. You will be notified by e-mail when there is a response to your query.
  3. Viewing replies

    You can view replies from your Personal Tutor through your Inbox. To view a reply and its thread history, you click the query. In the Message thread tabbed page that opens, you can view additional information by clicking the expand icons (+) in the Catalog Branch Details and Message Details sections. A query is not expended until the query is completely resolved and closed by the Personal Tutor. For example, you might feel that the query has not been answered to your satisfaction, so you can send a reply to your Personal Tutor requesting further detail to resolve the problem.

    To reply to your Personal Tutor:

    1. In the Inbox, select the message you wish to reply to.

    2. Click the Reply button in the Message thread tabbed page.

    3. Enter your reply in the form provided and click Send Reply. You will be notified by e-mail when there is a response.

    4. To return to the Inbox, click the Return to Inbox button that displays.

    When you view a response, you can also submit feedback to your Personal Tutor to indicate how useful you found the information included in the response.

    To register feedback with your Personal Tutor:

    1. Select one of the five available rating options.

    2. Add any additional comments in the text box provided.

    3. Click the Register Feedback button to submit your feedback.