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Generating detailed reports

The Detailed Reports view of the InnerWorkings Platform provides a useful tool for gathering detailed management information from the system.

To generate a report:

  1. Click the Detailed Reports view in the Reports tab.

  2. Select a report type from the list of available reports. When you select a report type, a parameters window for that report opens above the available reports. For example, to generate a Group Summary report, click the Group Summary option in the Date Range section.

    Available reports

  3. A number of report time-frame options are available from the Period drop-down list – Last Seven Days, Last Month, Last 3 Months, and User Defined. If you select the User Defined option, you can specify the period of time you want the report to cover using the calendar feature.

  4. To specify the required start date of the report, click the Calendar icon beside the From field and select a date from the displayed calendar. To specify a different month, you can navigate to a different month using the left and right navigation arrows.

  5. To specify a finish date for the report period, click the Calendar icon beside the To field and repeat the previous step.

  6. Set any remaining report parameters as required. For example, when generating a Group Summary report, you can exclude the default developer group by ensuring the checkbox is selected.

  7. Finally, to generate the report, click the Generate button. Once the generated report is displayed, you can use the search facility to search for specific users or information. You can also zoom in or out by specifying a percentage in the drop-down list.

    Generated report

  8. If you wish to export the report, select one of the following formats as appropriate from the Select a format drop-down list:

  9. Click the Export button, and in the File Download dialog box that appears, click Save.

  10. In the Save As dialog box that appears, specify a location and file name for your report, and click Save.

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