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InnerWorkings Developer Interface

The Developer Interface is the developer’s central point of access to InnerWorkings content. This application coordinates all aspects of the developer’s learning experience by displaying content information and launching Microsoft Visual Studio .NET as needed. Together, the various elements below comprise the Developer Interface.


Within the Developer Interface, programming challenges are presented in Drills, which are grouped together in broad Developer Programs. Drills require developers to complete short tasks directly related to a discipline within .NET using live development tools, and provide a rounded experience in a number of relevant programming techniques. Augmented by coaching, feedback, support, and reporting, Drills take approximately two hours to program in addition to some initial research time. By completing a series of tasks in a particular Drill, developers can build a library of coding techniques supported by Visual Studio .NET project files.

Developer Programs occasionally include Applications, which contain several stages that build on the techniques acquired in tasks and expose developers to real-world challenges based on a multi-layer application.

Personal Tutor

Personal Tutors support developers through the coding requirements for each Drill, thereby ensuring a low rate of attrition and a high rate of completion. Well versed in their assigned Drills, Personal Tutors are available throughout the duration of a Drill to answer any queries. Given the significant level of challenge developers will encounter, Personal Tutors can provide vital support and encouragement if developers experience difficulties while developing a solution.

Reference Framework

The Reference Framework provides developers with context-sensitive links to trusted and authoritative information sources. InnerWorkings has established relationships with several technology publishers to provide direct access to their reference materials. The Reference Framework enables developers to explore key concepts in greater detail, and to pinpoint essential information quickly and efficiently. The Reference Framework is also available as a practical, on-the-job work-aid, providing access to a knowledge base for answering questions, researching solutions, and locating code samples to improve productivity.


Inferent™, our sophisticated testing engine, analyzes the code developers submit at the end of each task or stage, while logging data to generate comparative performance metrics. Any errors identified in the code are displayed in the form of specific and detailed corrective feedback, which Inferent automatically generates. Developers can view the errors in their code submission at a glance and receive detailed information on the nature of those errors, before correcting and resubmitting their code.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Drills are conducted in real-world situations, using the actual tools available to .NET developers. When a developer launches a task or stage in the Developer Interface, a specific project file opens in Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET. Additionally, the Developer Interface integrates with Visual Studio .NET through the InnerWorkings Visual Studio add-in, enabling the developer to view task and stage information directly within the Visual Studio environment.

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