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Deleting developers

You can delete any unused developer accounts from the InnerWorkings Platform. When developers are deleted, they are removed from all views in the system.

To delete a developer from the InnerWorkings Platform:

  1. In the Developer view of the Users tab, select the developer from the list and click the Delete button in the Manage Developers section.

  2. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box that appears.

Deleting groups or group members

To delete a member from a group, you can deselect the group name when editing the developer’s profile. Additionally, you can delete an entire group if the grouping is no longer needed.

To delete a group from the list:

  1. On the Group View of the Users tab, click the Delete button next to the group that you want to remove from the InnerWorkings Platform.

  2. A dialog box displays asking you to confirm the deletion of this group. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Note: The developers contained within the deleted group are not affected by the deletion and will remain part of the InnerWorkings learning system in your organization.

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