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Creating links to external resources

You can add an external link to any kind of file that can be reached using a URL. Files can be of any type that contains information that's useful and relevant to developers using the InnerWorkings Platform - Word documents, PDFs, video or sound files, and so on. Links to such files can be placed in Developer Programs or Drills, whichever is most appropriate.

Links are created and managed in the Notes and Links section, located in the Content Properties dialog for the Program or Drill. You can use this section to create new links, test them, edit them, and delete them if no longer required.

Creating and managing external links

To create an external link:
  1. Click the Catalog tab and then, in the catalog tree, select the Developer Program or Drill where the link is to be inserted.
  2. In the Links and Notes section, click Create new Link. The following textboxes and drop-down list now open, enabling you to create the link.

    Title - Enter the name of the link in this textbox; this is mandatory and has a limit of 50 characters
    Text - Enter text to describe the link; this has a limit of 500 characters
    Url - Enter the URI of the external content; this is mandatory and has a limit of 500 characters

  3. Click the Save button. If you decide not to create the link, click the Cancel button.

To test an external link, simply click on the hyperlink in the Notes and Links section for the content.

To edit a link, click on the "Gear" icon beside the Link.

To delete a link, click on the "Trash" icon beside the link.

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