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Creating developer accounts

There are two ways to create developer accounts on the system – you can either create the accounts manually and fill in the account details yourself, or you can let the developers self-register.

Manually creating an account

To create a new developer account manually:

  1. On the Developer View tab of the Users tab, click the New button in the Manage Developers section to open the Create New User view:

    The Create User view

  2. Enter the details of the new user’s profile in the fields provided. The following data entry rules apply to fields in the Create New User view:

  3. In the User Type section, ensure that the Developer check-box  is selected.

  4. Any new developer account that you create is automatically associated with you. To add the developer to other existing groups, select the appropriate checkboxes in the Group Membership section.

  5. Click the Create User button.

Enabling developers to self-register

By letting developers register themselves with the system, you can reduce the amount of configuration work you need to do. You simply send a special key called a Developer Registration Key, which is located in the My Profile view, via e-mail to your associated developers. Then, your developers use this key to log in to the InnerWorkings Platform and complete a profile form similar to the one in the Create User view discussed above. Your Developer Registration Key associates individual developers with you exclusively.

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