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Creating a custom Developer Program

The Catalog tab enables you to create custom Developer Programs according to your organization’s needs to ensure that your developers access only the most relevant content. You can create custom Developer Programs that contain InnerWorkings Drills of your choice.  

To create a custom program:

  1. Click the Create Developer Program button in the left-hand pane in the Custom Programs section. A dialog then appears that allows you to add details for the program.

  2. My Custom Catalog view

  3. In the Custom Program dialog, enter the title and objective of your custom Developer Program. This information will appear in the online catalog that your developers view through the Developer Interface.

    Developer Program Properties page

  4. Select the language and Visual Studio version of the Drills you wish to include in the custom Developer Program.

  5. Next, drag the Programs or Drills from the catalog view into the dialog and drop them over the placeholder for the Drills list. Note: You can use the catalog search filter while the Custom Program Dialog is open to easily filter the list of Drills to find the content you require.

  6. Developer Program Properties page

  7. To save all of your changes, select Save. To cancel your edits, simply click Cancel to close the dialog.
  8. You can reorder the Drills in the Custom Program by dragging and dropping the Drills in the Custom Program dialog to change the list order. Alternatively, you can delete individual Drills by dragging them to the Trash button. You can delete the entire Custom Program using the Delete Program button.

  9. Once a custom program is saved, it is available to all of your developers.

Any custom programs you create and visible to administrators under your control. In addition, custom programs created by your manager are available to you.

Note: You can further customize your catalog by hiding items in your custom catalog as required. For more information, see Masking content from your developers.

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