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Creating Individual Competitions

To create an individual competition:

  1. In the New Competition window of the My Competitions section, click the Individual button.

  2. In the resulting screen, enter the name of the competition in the Title field. You also have the option to describe the competition in the Description field.

    Individual Comp

  3. To enter the timeframe for the competition in Start Date field, you can use the calendar icon. You can set the timeframe of the competition by clicking one of the 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks radio buttons. Also, if the competition is only for your co-workers, you can click the Only allow people in my organization to see this competition checkbox.

  4. Finally, to create the competition, click the Create button. You can change this later on the leaderboard by leaving the team and joining a new one. You have the option to abandon the data entered by clicking the Cancel button.

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