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The InnerWorkings learning system is accessed by four user types – coordinators, administrators, developers, and executives – who each have differing needs and goals. This clear role definition ensures that users see only the functionality they need within the learning system.

If you are the primary coordinator, you have a unique role in the InnerWorkings learning system, as you were the first user created when the system was set up for your organization. You are also the person who establishes the learning system by creating one or more administrator accounts in the InnerWorkings Platform to manage your organization’s developers. You can even create additional coordinator accounts to help manage administrators if necessary.

Note: By default, you are also assigned the roles of administrator and developer within the system. So depending on how you set up your system, you can choose to perform the role of administrator or delegate this role to others.

Some of the tasks you perform as the learning-system coordinator include the following:

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